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gift wrap examples

Oooh my goodness you guys, I’m so excited to share that I made some Pets-a-Sketch inspired gift wrap recently!! I got it in 100% recycled kraft coloured paper, or white kraft paper, each with the same black pattern. Jazz it up with bright coloured ribbon, or go monochromatic, with happy dog faces this cute you can’t go wrong!

I try to introduce something new every year, and this is my 2016 reveal! Since I did three dog markets this Xmas season, I opted to do a fully dog themed pattern for my first ever wrapping paper:


kraft colour


white colour

It made it’s debut at DogFest last month, and I brought it with me to two more markets since, where to my excitement it was really well received at all 3 events! I ended up almost selling out of the kraft colour, so I took the remaining kraft stock to Muttley Crue Organics in Calgary (620 46 Ave NE) – so if you’d like to get your hands on some of the brown paper please get in touch with them:

(If you are having trouble viewing this Instagram pic, you can also view it HERE.)

Otherwise I do still have some of the white paper in stock, and if you’d like some please feel free to get in touch 🙂

Ps – What style of wrapping paper would you like to see me do next? Cats? Various animals? Non-animals? Do tell, I’d love to hear!!

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