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Very recently, Instagram (an app that I LOVE to use) introduced video capabilities in addition to their usual photo sharing, which is exciting! I’ve been having a blast with video clips of some of my Animal Doppelgängers to date, and I wanted to share with you my very first IG video:

“Roux”  – a kitty, and his painting with a monocle

link to video: http://instagram.com/p/b15D9DILSn/

(As a side note – I will also be posting most of my IG videos on my YouTube channel too, so even if you’re not on Instagram you can view them in either place for convenience 🙂 )

In a nutshell this new Instagram feature lets you record up to 15 seconds of video (in app) using your phone (or tablet I’m assuming too???), and share it to your Instagram account. You can pause and restart footage as you film so you can get some cool looking edits, or you can shoot strait through if you prefer. It’s possible to add filters to videos too (IG is famous for their photo filters, often giving warmer or older looks to them). A nice feature that they’ve done is they let you pick the still image that people see before they play the video, whereas YouTube for example picks a random spot (and let’s be honest, most times it’s not very flattering lol). Anyway, once you’ve uploaded your video onto your Instagram account you can share it to your Facebook or Twitter or other sites you like, or email it too. You can also embed IG videos right into blog posts which is super cool! So I was excited to share my first Instagram video with you right here in this post.

I definitely love this new video feature. More clips to come soon!

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