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Last night, this sweet lil lady’s pet portrait got picked up from my studio.

When Maggie Belle Bean’s mum originally got in touch with me she let me know that her beloved 14 yr old Bouvier dog had passed away. After chatting back and forth, when it came time to pick a photo for the painting, I encouraged her to take her time in selecting her favourite one. One that also best reflects her pup’s personality. I really like the photo we went with, and the cute note she sent me regarding Maggie’s unique ear:

“She did have one wonky ear because the Akita down the path ate it a few years ago and after that she always looked like she was saluting us. We just couldn’t take her seriously 🙂 “

What I also loved about the photo she gave me to use, was the reflection in Maggie Belle’s eyes – you can make out a tiny silhouette of the one taking the photo, likely a loved one – presumably her mum or dad. So for me the reflection in her eyes symbolizes a moment of them looking at each other lovingly, which makes me happy to think about.


I love her cheeky expression, her happy face, and her quirky ear. And the big giant hug I got from my client when she picked up the painting 🙂 , it always makes my day when they are so happy with the final result!

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