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'Lucy' | 10"x10" | acrylic on canvas

‘Lucy’ | 10″x10″ | acrylic on canvas

During the winter I was contacted by a client to paint her son’s Beagle as a belated Xmas gift for him. She knew her grand-pup wasn’t doing so well, and wanted to give him a portrait of Lucy. Since the painting was to be completed after the Christmas holidays, we thought it’d be fun to do some “in progress” shots to give her son in the meantime (like I had done with ‘Jamie’ the silver lab last season):

lucy progress

Sad news is Lucy passed away a couple of weeks ago, only a few days before the portrait was scheduled to be finished ūüôĀ . After the painting was given, I received this note:

‘He liked the portrait of Lucy very much… he¬†has decided to hang the portrait in his office where he says “she gazes down upon him all day”.’

Which was so sweet to hear <3

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