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'Lola' & 'Jasmine'

A family friend contacted me to paint her brother & sister-in-law’s pair of kitties as a gift – Lola is an all black cat with green eyes, and Jasmine is all black with yellow eyes & two distinct white whiskers! These cutie faces were done on 6″x6″ canvases, and headed off to Vancouver last month.

For the paintings it was requested that Lola have a green background, and Jasmine have a purple background. I was asked to pick the shades as long as they weren’t pastel, so I opted for vibrant jewel tones. One emerald & one amethyst – which I feel complimented the kitties nicely while making their eyes pop at the same time. It’s rare for me to work with bright colours, so it was fun to do so for this set!

Black animals are super hard to photograph, and same seems to go for their paintings too lol! So the above pic is on a bit of an angle, but I love this pair’s paintings side by side so it all works out lol! Closer up shots of each individual painting can be viewed in my Pet Portraits Portfolio.

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