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LINCOLN & CARLOS (best buds portrait)

Today is Lincoln’s birthday – which means I get to reveal his custom portrait, yay!!

linc bday

Before Christmas time, Lincoln’s step mom contacted me to paint this piece as a surprise for his birthday. And if you know me then you know that painting people is totally scary for me lol, but as soon as I saw the photo they wanted painted I just couldn’t wait to paint it! So cute.

Last summer when I painted their family pup Carlos, they let me know that their son and him are best buds and that it’d be very special for Lincoln to have his very own painting. They had family photos done, sent me their favourite shot of the boys, and I got to paintin’! And here is the finished portrait of Lincoln & Carlos together:

lincoln & carlos

This is my first people portrait in colour actually! My previous one (which also happens to be my first ever portrait) was in black and white, so this one of course had a whole new learning curve – but all in all I’m super stoked with the turnout! Linc’s parents let me know that they love the piece (they snuck a peek last night 🙂 ) and I hope he likes it too! Happy bday L!

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