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Last month Kooper & Sherman’s painting was given as a surprise gift from a group of friends to celebrate a co-worker’s retirement at the end of the 2016/2017 school year over in Wisconsin USA!

My client had contacted me earlier in the year to coordinate this special project on behalf of her & the group, and she sent me photos of two of the giftee’s Bernese doggies. Based on the photos, I suggested we go with a long rectangular canvas format so we could feature their smiling faces side by side. They quite liked that idea, so we went with a 16″ wide by 8″ high canvas. Here is a photo of the finished piece:

DSC_1271I really enjoyed painting this happy pair, and wanted to include a couple detail shots here for fun:


Once the painting surprise was revealed, I was sent this lovely note along with a couple of photos from the gift opening (also with permission to share them here) :

8x16 gift opening
“We had a great time celebrating our friend’s retirement.  I have attached our honored guest with the art. While I have known dog lovers before, my friend likes dogs more than anyone I have ever known. This was truly the perfect gift!”
So excited to hear the gift was a big hit! Congrats to Kooper & Sherman’s momma on her retirement, and big thanks again to her lovely friends for having me paint this special memento for the occasion <3

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