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Today I got to deliver a painting of these two little sweeties:

Kaycee & Keera

This 20″x10″ piece was painted as a special memento from a group of friends/co-workers to the doggies’ owner as a surprise gift. When I was asked to paint this for them, they let me know that Kaycee (on the left) had very sadly passed away recently:

“We had a tragedy at our workplace where a dog that I call the mascot of the office, who is here all day everyday had been attacked and killed by another dog. Needless to say the whole store is crushed especially the owner. We thought a painting would make the perfect gift to the owner and as a tribute to the dog in our store.”

Such a terrible situation!! Poor little doggy… and I feel so bad that they had experienced this sadness.

For the painting they also asked if I could incorporate a second pup on the same canvas (Keera, on the right), who was also an office pup there (who had passed away from old age a few years prior):

“It would be really special if we could have them both in the painting.”

I’m so touched that I was asked to paint this very sentimental piece for them. And it made me so happy when I received an email, very shortly after the art left my hands, that the owner loved the painting and it made everyone at the store smile. Here’s hoping that this painting can bring them smiles for many years to come. 🙂

…And because these little faces are just too cute not to share, here are a couple of close up pix:

kaycee close up keera close up
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