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Earlier this year I had a total website makeover. Whole new format. Whole new style. Whole new look. So I started to think about new business cards to coordinate around the same time.

I planned to use Moo.com like I usually do, then my graphic designer suggested that I check out Jukeboxprint. They are a Canadian printing company based out of Vancouver BC, and they have a massive selection of print materials, and feature lots of different promotions all the time. They offer premium offset printing, which is a much higher quality look than digital printing. Bonus!

So after looking through their website, I decided to give them a try. Another bonus was that I wanted to order 1000+ cards this time, and their large volume pricing is the “cheapest in Canada” they say! And I believe them.

Found a new printing company, now to design new cards. Keeping with the grey and white colour scheme of my website, this is what we came up with (well…‘we’…mostly my graphic designer, lol):

My jukeboxprint linen texture Custom Artwork business cards

My ‘jukeboxprint’ linen texture Custom Artwork business cards to coordinate with my new website look

Don’t get me wrong, I take great pride in my creativity! However, I do listen to those more learned than me on a subject haha. I love working with Mark because he lets me show him my idea (I can include visual mock ups even) and I’ll be thinking that it’s exactly what I want, I put a lot of thought into it… then he’ll email me back something that’s a tweaked & way more awesome version of what I suggested. He’s da man!

He also suggested (did I mention, this guy is ever so wise?) that I get my new business cards printed on a linen textured paper. YES PLEASE!! So clever. Compliments my website, and reflects what I do (paint!), win win.

Close up of jukeboxprint’s linen textured paper

close up of linen texture paper

I do miss the versatility of having different pictures on each of my business cards like I did before. I really do! But… I love these new cards a lot. People can like new stuff right? Lol

Even though I wish their linen paper was available in a thicker stock, all in all, I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out.

detail of my custom artwork business cards

If you are looking for business cards in large quantity, on unique paper (they have tons of options!), in various thicknesses, or even custom shapes, then these guys are definitely worth checking out.

I believe they have a ‘Refer a Friend’ program as well, so if you would like $10 off your first order, just shoot me your email address and I can send a link over to you no problem (I don’t know how else to do it sorry haha)!

Have you tried Jukeboxprint before? What was your experience like?

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