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johnny dopp

During the Xmas 2014 season I got to paint an adorable Yorkie named Johnny Cash. Recently his momma put in an order for some Pet Art Cards featuring his painting (shown below via Instagram), and she also just sent me a great doppelgänger picture (above)!! This little guy is so stinkin’ cute, oh my goodness!! <3

For Johnny’s painting, picking a background colour was super easy! We immediately thought that it should be black (you know… “The Man in Black”)! And I had just recently discovered a wonderful Mat paint by Holbein that has a beautiful velvety finish, and it was perfect for the job! It softened the usual harshness of black by taking away the shine (e.g.: shiny black paint is deeper / more intense than matte black paint). I really loved the final result & hope to use this line of paint for more often.

johnny pic

Since the background was black I didn’t want to do my usual black edges on the painting. So for this piece I opted for a warm dark brown, which complimented the pup’s colourings & popped against the background nicely.

johnny edge

What do you think of the background / edge colour combo?

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