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This Pet Portrait of a cute little grey pup named Jamie was ordered as a gift from sister to sister. And since she was so excited and couldn’t wait to give the painting, she requested some progress shots to show her sister to get her excited too while it was being painted! I thought that was a cute idea, I hadn’t done that before, but was definitely all over that.

Here is one of the progress shots, from the very initial stages:

jamie sketch

initial progress shot of ‘Jamie’

And here is an in progress action shot during the beginning stages:

jamie in progress

studio shot of ‘Jamie’ progress

For this particular painting she opted for the detailed background add on, as she loved the background in the reference photo, vs doing a solid colour. Here is the finished painting of adorable little Jamie nibbling oh so cutely on a twig in a grassy field:

jamie complete

‘Jamie’ | 12″x12″ | acrylic on canvas

Typically for Pet Portrait paintings, I tend to sign my logo on the edge of the canvas, as not to distract away from the cute pet:

jamie signature

signature on edge of canvas

And here is a quick detail shot showing the upper background area:

jamie background

forest detail of background

This weekend both sisters & fam are getting together for Easter, and the finished painting is being given! And word on the street is I may get to see some pictures of the real Jamie posing with her portrait! Oh how I love those pictures!! Crossing fingers 🙂

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Easter weekend!

UPDATE (May 31st)
Check out some adorable snaps of Jamie posing next to her Pet Portrait painting here:

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