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I found the perfect clear business card holders at a place called Industrial Plastics & Paints in Calgary Alberta. They sell paint supplies as well as a variety of plastic supplies. What lead me to them in particular? It’s a long story (read about it here in my last blog post)…

In a nutshell, I was on the hunt for some new business card holders (clear in particular), and I found this company on google by typing in ‘wall mount clear plastic business card holder Calgary’.  They were about half way down the first page, I clicked, and they actually had pictures and detailed information on their website which is always a bonus! It was easy to navigate, so I looked around a little, and DING DING DING! They had the exact clear business card holders that I was looking for.

Business card holder styles from Industrial Plastics & Paint’s website:

screen shot from their website showing drawings of the business card holders they have available. Click on the image to go to their webpage

So I called them, found out that they sell to the public not just trades or wholesalers, and that they do in fact have these clear business card holders in stock. WOO HOO!!

I hopped in my car and drove over to pick them up. I got a little lost (like I usually do haha) and eventually saw the sign that was on their website. So I pull up, and it looks like a regular ol paint store (like General Paint, or Benjamin Moore, or whoever). Am I at the right place? Yes, the sign is right, so just go in….

Walk in, totally comes across as a paint store lol. But I was immediately greeted by their super friendly staff (I probably had CONFUSED written on my forehead), and they led me directly to the display shelf. Nice. YAY the business card holders were exactly what I was looking for! Happy factor approaching maximum, business card holder mission = complete!

Pictures of my clear business card holders:

front, side, angle back, and angle front views of my new horizontal clear business card holder

front, angle, side, and back views of my new vertical clear business card holder

They also carry brochure holders and signage stuff too, but I’m not after that just now, but I know they have them for the future so this is good.

I wanted to adhere some of these holders to glass, so the fellow that was helping me led me to the appropriate epoxy, told me how to use it, gave me the little mixing cups I’d need and stir sticks etc. Sweet deal.

So all in all I quite like this place! I’m really glad I found them, their service was fantastic, and I’ll be buying things there again in the future. If you would like to check out what they have to offer, here is their contact info:

screen shot of Industrial Paints & Plastic’s contact info. Click on the image to go directly to their webpage.

Ps – when I was there I complimented them on their ‘googleability’ and easy to use website… because sadly there are a lot of horrible retail websites out there, so I wanted to make sure that they knew that I found them on google (always nice to know how your customers find you).

So there it is, in a three part not-so-nutshell between this post and the last two, sharing my mini adventure from receiving my new cards to my quest for my ultimate display system. Who would have thought one could go on a business card holder adventure? Not me, but I did lol 😀

Thanks for reading, take care.

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