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‘Memento Scenery’ Painting

Ideal gift for: friend or family member who loves to travel!

Whether they travel the world, love to hike the nearby mountains, or have that sentimental spot where they just love to visit, etc… Whatever the case, if they have a particular place on earth that they hold dear, why not get a painting of the scenery there for them so they can see it all year round? (in painted form lol)

If you have access to your friends trip photos (whether via facebook, from an album, etc), I can paint a scene just for them in acrylic on canvas. Any size is possible too, so we can come up with a plan for any budget.

Painting of Ainsworth / Kootenay Lake

If you do not have access to a photo, then Gift Certificates are available as well (for example: “Redeemable for one 8”x10” hand painted canvas of your favourite trip memento scenery picture” or something to that effect, we can customize it however you like lol).

Painting of Peachland sunset

For examples of Scenery paintings click HERE.
For quotes or more info, please get in touch HERE.

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