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‘Circle Art Series’ Paintings

Ideal gift for: friend or family member who is welcoming a new bundle of joy!

Whether they are expecting or recently had a baby, small scale ‘Circle Art’ pieces are perfect for any nursery and make a great baby shower gift.

If the baby is a girl, we can go with a set of graduating Pinks / Purples / Reds / Oranges / etc. Or can mix & match a custom set.

Examples of ‘Circle Art’ sets for girl’s room:

If the baby is a boy, we can go with a set of graduating Blues / Greens / Oranges / Reds / etc. Or can mix & match a set for them too – any combination is possible! Also popular for boys are ‘traffic light’ sets featuring a green/yellow/red combo.

Examples of ‘Circle Art’ sets for boy’s room:

If your friend or family member is having a baby but you are not sure if they are expecting a girl or a boy, don’t fret as we could pick out a fun colour combo set great for any baby’s room. Like a primary set of red/blue/yellow for example.

If they like to keep décor in the neutrals range (think Restoration Hardware!), no problem we got that covered too! Circle Art looks great in subdued colours also:

Examples of neutral ‘Circle Art’ paintings that would coordinate with Restoration Hardware style décor:

If you’re not totally comfortable picking the colours and want them to pick their own, then we could do a Gift Certificate indicating the size and quantity that they can redeem for, and I can paint them a custom set to their choosing.

For examples of Circle Art Series paintings click HERE.
For quotes or more info, please get in touch HERE.

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