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feen studio pic

(Photo: studio progress shot. Middle – background of painting in the works. Right – reference photograph.)

This is a little story about ‘Feen Bean’, a recent Pet Portrait painting I did.

Feen (short for Phoenix)’s mom is a local Calgary photographer and she took this beautiful photo of her beloved pup against a grassy/treed backdrop in a bokeh style (where the background is blurred). This was my first time painting such a background, and am excited at the outcome! It’s always fun trying new techniques such as this.

While I was working on this painting I got to post some progress pictures onto Instagram. I do try to post varied content on each of my social media outlets (between Facebook, Instagram, and here on my Blog) to keep things fresh, however I understand that not all followers for each cross over. So in saying that, I’d like to share these progress snaps here as well for those not on IG:

feen instagram collage

Sadly, Feen Bean’s painting is a memorial piece as she had recently passed over the “Rainbow Bridge”. I really love the reference photo her mom selected to have painted, such a smily happy girl she was! So much personality shines through in the photo. I wish I got to meet this sweet little doggie in person.

To view a full image of the finished painting, please check it out in my ‘Pet Portraits Portfolio‘.

To view Feen’s mom’s awesome photography website, take a look HERE.

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