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I love so much when I get to see photos of my Pet Portraits next to the real thing! I’ve dubbed this style of shots ‘Animal Doppelgängers’ lol. I don’t believe I’ve posted any of these shots on my blog to date (just on Facebook so far), but I do plan to post more of them on the blog soon!

Anyway, not only were my clients so kind as to send over photos of their custom Easter hunt adventure with Roux Sally & Anook, they also included snaps of their adorable kitties posing next to their Pet Portraits:

Roux posing with his portrait

Roux posing with his portrait

anook doppelganger

Anook posing with her portrait

Sally doppelgänger

Sally posing with her portrait

I know I’ve already said it before lol, but this was one of the funnest commissions ever! It was so fun planning these accessorized Pet Portraits and hearing all about their Easter egg hunt to reveal them, and to see these great ‘Doppel-cat-er’ pix (their clever nickname for these shots). I just love it!!

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