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DIVA: the bull terrier

A couple weeks ago I got to meet a sweet little lady named Diva, a white Bull Terrier. While there, I managed to snap some ‘Animal Doppelganger’ pix of her posing next to her portrait that her mom had commissioned me to paint. I caught some pix of her sniffing, sitting, and a lot of her waiting patiently for treat bribes lol! These were three of my faves:

diva dopps

When Diva’s mom contacted me to create a pet portrait for her, she lent me a special book full of photos to reference for the piece. She wanted me to surprise her with my pic selection, which was super fun! The photo I went with included a bead necklace with metal heart pendant detail, and it was really fun to paint! And the red background really pops with it too! Love it.

Here is a photo of Diva’s finished painting:

This is actually the second time I got to make art featuring Ms Diva!

Last Xmas her momma had me draw six custom ornaments! I don’t think that I posted pix of them on my blog (just my facebook page), and I’m definitely not ready to show Christmas-y pix on here in Aug haha! So here is a simple pic of the sketches all together before their festive flair:

diva sketches

…I will of course post pix of the finished ornaments when it’s closer to Xmas season, so keep an eye out down the road 😀

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  • Jenni September 12, 2014, 10:12 am


    • Robyn Millar September 15, 2014, 3:06 pm

      Thank u Jenni! 🙂

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