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milton & digby

Yesterday, this pair of cat paintings was given as a surprise birthday gift from wife to husband. I really enjoyed working on these handsome fellows! When my client initially got in touch with me, she let me know a little bit about how these guys interact with her husband: “He has a special relationship with these cats.  They’re usually draped over him in some fashion or sitting on his desk while he works”, which I thought was quite sweet.

For the background colours, we went with different ones for each cat so they can each pop on there own, but also be complimentary as a set. Before I got started on the paintings she let me know some colours that she liked from my website, plus sent me photos of their decor colours which is always helpful for deciding too. We were looking at earthy colours in the blue/teal/green vein. So for Milton I picked the blue to make his bluey-green eyes pop, while not competing with the contrast of his black & white fur. For Digby I loved this pea green because it complimented his warm grey fur and greenish-yellow eyes. All together the pieces look warm and balanced on their own, or as a set, which I love.

Shortly after these paintings were gifted yesterday, my client sent me some awesome doppelgänger pictures of the kitties posing with their paintings:


Digby doppelgänger


Milton doppelgänger

I love that she captured them with similar expressions/ poses to their paintings too! Bonus doppelgänger points 🙂 . Love love love these guys <3

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