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b&w(Photo: unveiling a new painting series amongst my Art Walk display.)

Castlegar’s 17th annual Art Walk is up and running! This event showcases various artists coupled with local venues and is a self guided tour, so if you are in the area do feel free to check things out :). It is on now through September 15th 2013, and there are over 20 “mini-gallery” locations set up across the city. (For a map or for more information on the event, please check out my Showings page.)

I’m happy to be a part of the Art Walk this summer, having a wide variety of nature inspired paintings on display and available for purchase at the Fireside Inn in particular. Here is a sneak peek:

b&w 2

Hot off the press right in time for the event were three new Mixed Media pieces, which actually incorporate images that I’ve taken in the Castlegar area (from Zuckerberg’s Island, to the Bombi Pass, and the Historic Brilliant Bridge site). I’m really excited about this new series (which is not titled just yet… that’s how new we’re talkin’ lol), and will write a post on its specifics shortly. In the meantime however, if you’re curious about taking a closer look at these three pieces they can be seen on my new Mixed Media portfolio page of my website.

Although I was unable to attend the opening reception for the Castlegar Art Walk tonight, I consider myself very lucky with regards to the timing from my installation as I missed the major flooding of Southern Alberta and parts of BC by only a matter of days! I couldn’t imagine being on the road when the weather hit as hard as it did. I still can’t believe the magnitude of the floods! My heart goes out to the thousands upon thousands who were effected!!!

To my Castlegar and area friends and visitors I hope to return there soon at which time I’d love to meet up, and I can’t wait to check out the other Art Walk artists & venues.

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