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This little fellow is named Captain Jack, and I was commissioned to paint him in a ‘close up’ style (which I love!) by his mom after she saw my “Charlie’s Eye” piece in my portfolio.

Right off the bat I want to share a cute lil note I got about this wee Brussels Griffon from his mom in our initial emails:

“My dog has a cleft lip which caused a crooked nose and a tooth that sticks up into his nose and it’s just the cutest little thing ever!  We love that he is different and special.”

painting (left), reference photo (right)

10″x10″ painting (left), printed reference photo (right)

So cute! She adores his “tooth in nose” (which she lovingly tags in all of his Instagram photos), so it was no surprise that she opted to have a close up style for his painting.

Most of the time when I paint custom Pet Art, I have to keep it under wraps for a while as it’s a surprise gift for someone’s birthday, or Christmas, or what have you. However in this case, I was given the green light to post progress pictures along the way which was fun! Since Jack’s mom and I met on Instagram, I thought it was only fitting to share the pictures on there first before Facebook where I usually debut new pix (See! It’s a perk to follow me on Instagram too 🙂 – you get the sneakiest of sneak peeks! Username: @ArtByRobynMillar).

Regarding my signature, usually I sign my Pet Portraits on the side because of the smaller scale of the canvases I don’t want to distract away from the pets… however, it’s possible to have it on the front if a client likes, which I never say no to of course 🙂

logo in bottom corner

logo in bottom corner

Coming soon: doppelgänger photos of Captain Jack posing next to his portrait! So excited.

Not familiar with Instagram and would like to be? Read HERE. If you are, feel free to stop by and say “hey” 😉

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