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Earlier this year I donated a Pet Portrait Gift Certificate to the Cochrane & Area Humane Society’s annual fundraiser gala. When the winning bidder contacted me she asked if I could paint all three of her dogs on the one canvas, vs just one of them. After seeing the reference photo that she liked for me to use (a one in a million shot taken on her cell phone of them all cuddled up together on the bed) I agreed to do a multiple Pet Portrait instead! The reference picture was a lower resolution than I’d normally like to use, but it really was a great shot of them all together and I wanted to make this happen for her. So I took on the challenge, and it all came together nicely in the end!

Here is the finished painting:

Lucy, Dezil, & Deuce | 10″x8″ | acrylic on canvas

Detail shots:

Lucy – shepard x

Dezil – husky rough collie x

Deuce – pit bull x

For smaller scale Pet Portraits I don’t like to distract from the subjects, so I add my logo signature to the edge of the canvas instead of on the front:

logo signature on edge of painting

Thanks again to the winning bidder for supporting the CAHS, and all the help they’re offering local animals in need.

For more information on the Cochrane & Area Humane Society, please check out their website: www.cochranehumane.ca

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