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Last week when I received my brand new Pet Portrait business cards it dawned on me that I didn’t have any business card holders, oops! So I pondered, what style would I like?

Stainless steel or chrome? – yeah that’d be cool, but maybe too heavy/harsh looking?

Linen texture? – would be sooo cool and perfectly coordinating! But what are the odds of finding this… seriously…

Plain black wood? – could work, nice and simple… but still not quite right.

Then I thought about it, and all I really wanted is something that didn’t take away from the cards, something that you barely even notice… and what’s less noticeable than clear plastic? Boom!

clear business card holders… exactly what I’m after!

So I set out to find plain clear plastic business card holders. How hard could this mission be right? Ya I wish… So the obvious first choice to try was Staples… Nope. Maybe Walmart will have some… Nope. It’s a stretch but Pier 1… Nope. Urban Barn… they actually had a clear style but it was really ornate and only had the one in stock, getting a smidge warmer, but still… Nope. Dollarstore… Nope.

Alright, so I just spent over an hour driving all over the place, this is silliness. So I called Reid’s… Nope. Looked up Grand & Toy on my phone… their website sucks, and no locations close by, so scrap that too.

I was just so excited to display my new cards that I was willing to drive around a little to look, but after trying how ever many places where they didn’t have aaanything even remotely close, not even ugly card holders haha, I decided to head home and hop online to see what I could find. Good idea!

horizontal clear plastic business card holders – exactly what I need for my new Pet Portrait cards

So after typing a few different variations of ‘clear plastic business card holder’ into google, a bunch of websites showed up, but not many with just plain straight clear holders with a flat back. And I was after horizontal ones, so typed that in as well. Two sites had what I was looking for. Things are looking up! One was ebay but the vendor only shipped within the US, super. The other was in the UK, but I’m not willing to wait for shipping. Ok…

Why are these turning out to be so difficult to get??? I live in a big city, this should be easy, right?

Does excitement = lower level of smartness? Maybe, lol? Alright brain, help me out here… so I thought I’d give it a whirl to type in Calgary at the end of my search words in google (smrt I am), and believe it or not I found the perfect solution!

To be continued on next post… please check back tomorrow 🙂

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