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This was such a fun story, I just had to share!!!

I knew that the Pet Portraits of ‘Roux, Sally & Anook‘ were ordered for Easter and to be given a la an easter egg hunt… but what I didn’t see coming was the creation of this awesome hand made story book to accompany them!!

the adventure book

“The Adventure”

In a nutshell, this adorable Poem outlines the kitties’ travels to get a gift for their parents and then where it could be found:


My favourite line from the book:
“Let’s do something nice for mum and pop! They feed us, clean us, and play with us non-stop!”

The trio visited a robot, an owl, a TARDIS cookie jar on their journey, then went on a Doctor Who like adventure returning with the paintings. Which they left with the new friends they visited previously, so the story outlined where to find them! How adorable is that hey??? I so love it!!!

hiding presents

Easter hunt spots! With the robot, owl, and cookie jar TARDIS

And they were kind enough to take pictures of the whole thing and send copies my way & were willing for them to be shared on my blog 🙂 Just so happy!!

opening triptych

Paintings being opened


Roux & Sally kitties investigating the paintings

Oh man!! Just love these pictures and the story book so much. I’m so glad they loved the portraits and that they shared these great moments! Thanks again C & A!

Next up – doppelgänger shots!

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  • Judy April 2, 2015, 6:58 am

    Priceless !!

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