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You must see the eyelashes on this adorable little Brussels Griffon dog! They go on for days and days and days lol. When Beatrix’s mom and I were chatting about doing a painting of her, she wanted to make sure I feature her extra long lashes. And let’s be honest, how could I not? …Just look at them!! So cute 😀

Here is a 50/50 Split Pic of Beatrix the lil Griff (with the original photo on the left, and the finished painting on the right):

beatrix vertical

left side: original photo / right side: finished painting

When Bea’s mom sent over some pictures for me to look at I immediately fell for this sweet little pose of her poking out from behind the fabric of a chair. So for the painting we went with a full body shot with a detailed background, vs doing a headshot against a solid colour. Both would have definitely worked very well, but I felt this whole shot in particular just had so much character & cuteness it had to be documented lol.

To view the full finished painting, it can be seen in my Pet Portrait portfolio gallery. What do you think about painting the whole body & background instead of just a headshot?

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