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During the summer I got to reconnect with a friend from college that I took a glassblowing course with at ACAD years ago. She was interested in a Cherry Blossom painting, & I was interested in some cool hand blown glass to hold various art tools in my studio. So we set up an art trade!

For her painting, all she asked was that I incorporate greys with a pop of red. Done and done! (To view the painting triptych that I did for her, it is viewable in my ‘Tree Blossom’ Portfolio. Entitled: “Cherry Red Blossom”.)

By definition, art doesn’t need to be “functional”. It can simply be something that we enjoy looking at, and that’s totally cool. But on the other hand, art is also “allowed” to be functional, and I love that! And so, she created various sizes and shapes of glass vessels that I could hold my paintbrushes or flowers in my studio in style (and when they’re not holding said things, they are pretty cool sitting on their own I must say!). These pieces can be seen in the above photo – I love ’em! Very cool trade I must say.

For more info on her hand blown glass vessels and art pieces, check out www.dianafox.ca.

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