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I admit, I’m a little behind the times, but I have finally started a blog!! Wahoo! What was the hold up you ask? I’m not really sure lol, but let’s dive right in! Intro – My name is Robyn Millar and I am an artist!

I love to paint and create original art for clients, family, friends, me & my hubby, and well for pure enjoyment. What I hope to do here is bring readers along with my train of thought… What kind of artist am I? How did I become an artist? What inspires me? And so on… So everything from painting techniques or background info on custom artwork pieces to inspirations and interests (home décor, nature, family/friends, music, experiences etc)… So quite a mix for sure! But everything when added up I’d like to think equals the kind of artist I am, and shows a bit of who I am.

A fantastic teacher, Dee Fontans, once told me: “create your own history”. This is some excellent advice, I’m not gonna lie! To me this includes documenting processes, inspirations, final products, and thoughts. And to boot, my archivist sister encourages picture taking and keeping records, see I listen sis!

For years I have kept sketchbooks and notes while creating art, but that had been mostly for my own use. So for me the idea of blogging is a great new way to track artistic endeavors as well as archive projects and pictures, in addition to sharing this info with others. Oh the wonders of technology! The magic of the internet!

In real life (so face to face, vs. keyboard to computer screen, lol), I am a bit shy, so I hope by sharing my experiences and inspirations here I can encourage others to do what they love (art or otherwise), and for those who would like to know more about me can do so here. So all who are interested feel free to observe my blogging journey! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy.


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