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Happy Mother’s Daaay!!

Today I get to reveal this special painting project, as it was a surprise gift from a client to her daughter & family for Mother’s Day. She contacted me earlier in the year about painting a portrait of her grandkids, and she had the cutest photo of them sitting on a quilt in super tall grass which worked perfectly for it! So we went with an 11″x14″ canvas and included the whole sweet scene:

b b & b

As you know from the high density of Pet Portraits I post about lol, painting people is relatively new to my portfolio. However due to the increased interest in this vein, I’ve recently created a gallery on my website specifically for People Portraits. There are only a few pix in there so far, but I felt it was time to give them their own category. Take a peek HERE!

And here are a few detail shots of this piece just for fun:


lil toes hiding in the grass


fun stripes


quilt fabric



Grass makes an appearance from time to time in my animal pieces so I was quite comfortable tackling that particular detail, and as for people I’m not as confident just yet but it will come with practice. However I don’t get to paint fabric very often in my commissions so I wasn’t sure what to expect really, but I quite enjoyed working on all the pattern detail! Truth be told I wasn’t expecting that simply because of the amount of time involved and how focused you need to be for it lol. But it was relaxing in a way, which is always welcomed of course! Might need to start painting more fabrics after this, it was fun 😀

I hope you get to spend your Mother’s Day with loved ones, and that you have a great weekend!

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