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Last week I got to deliver a painting that I did of a very cool 1956 Buick Special classic car, and while there I took advantage of some unique photo ops of the piece with the car itself!!

Needless to say I took lots of pix lol, and I couldn’t quite narrow it down to just one as my fave, so am sharing my top four 😀 :


(On the front bumper) – I LOVE all the chrome & curvatures!

on seat

(on the rear seat) – The piping and upholstery in those old cars are just so cool.


(next to trunk detailing) – I love whatever this thing is called haha! I don’t know car terms very well 😀


(next to side detailing) – Painting this “Special” text life-sized would have been a breeze vs the itty bitty version in the painting haha.

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure these are officially my first car doppelgänger pix, which is exciting! So it can be added to my list along with Animal Doppelgänger, and Minimalist Portrait doppelgängers. Oh! And I almost forgot about my one and only Cabin doppelgänger that I posted on Instagram before lol. What can I say, I love seeing pictures of my paintings next to their real life counterparts :p .

To view a full photo of this car painting, it can be seen in my Classic Car portfolio gallery. Do you have a car that you adore and would like an artistic painting of it done? Get in touch and I’d be happy to help of course 🙂

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