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A client contacted me to create a multiple Pet Portrait for her to give her husband for his birthday as a surprise gift. Today is his birthday!! And so I get to reveal here my very first multiple portrait with FIVE pets on one canvas!! New record 🙂

This client is my hero, they managed to snap a reference photo of all five puppies together posing nice and cute over the back of their sofa. The perfect reference photo for a painting of their pack of 5! Here is a little facebook tradition I started, they’re coined ’50/50′ pictures, showing a split screen between the original reference photo and the finished painting. Check it out:

50/50 split - top: painting / bottom: reference photo

50/50 split – top: painting / bottom: reference photo

For this painting my client selected a light blue background colour, and a brown blanket (vs the light pink as shown in the pic) to keep things subtle and complimentary. She also opted to leave their collars in, vs having them removed, and I think it turned out nicely with them in so good call D! 😀

And just for fun, here are a couple of closer up detail shots:

detail of

detail of Daisy (left), Ruby (middle), and Stewie (right)

detail of

detail of Sasha (left) and Archie (right)

I hope he has a great day spent with his family and pack of puppies! Happy bday!

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