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300 oval

I feel like it wasn’t too long ago I was celebrating my 200th Pet Portrait painting (which you can read all about HERE if you like). And now, approximately three years later, I have officially reached my 300th! Holy moly, how time does fly! To celebrate this milestone I decided to create a special oval piece:

Vinnie oval

For this project I wanted to feature my cat-brother Vinnie. He was rescued by my sister & her family at a rest stop on their way to my dad’s house in BC a few years back. The little guy was found hungry and alone, meowing in the bush nowhere near any houses, so they thought it’d be best to scoop him up and take him somewhere safe. And as soon as they got to my dad’s he knew Vinnie was a keeper! After checking that he wasn’t a missing pet, he officially became my cat-brother and has been living the sweet life with my dad ever since.

The reason I picked an oval panel for this one, is first I just think they’re neat lol, but also because I feel that they have a certain traditional vibe to them. Since my dad is an antiques enthusiast, I thought this shape would be a great fit with his decor. And for the colours, I went with a sepia-esque background and antique bronze for the edges to keep with the vintage aesthetic as well. Oh! And I popped a cute little red bowtie on Vinnie too just for fun and to make him extra fancy for his portrait 😀 . Such a dapper little fellow!

And here we have a picture of Vinnie posing with his portrait:

Vinnie doppelganger

So cute!

It’s still hard to believe I’ve completed 300 Pet Portrait paintings now! When I first started I had no idea it would lead to this many, I can tell you that for sure lol. I want to give a big thanks to all of my Pet Portrait clients & supporters over the years – you help make it possible for me to be an artist for a living, and for that I am super grateful <3

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